Building Community

Charley believes that the community's vision of our City's future is more important than that of any special interest group or the elected officials they control. That vision can best be gauged by the ways we build our community. His Community Building efforts include:

Education -

Charley has supported Jeffco Schools' employees as well as students and their families:

*Seeking funding for the "Last Quarter Mile" project to provide safe paths to school for kids by designating it as a priority for future sidewalk projects

*Composed and circulated City Council's letter of support forMill and Bond Issues 5A and 5B
*Joined Jeffco teachers in their march on the state capitol to lobby for higher pay
*Addressed the former Jeffco School Board in support of students' right to protest curriculum changes
*Lobbied the current School Board to overturn the planned closure of Stober Elementary
*Served four years on the Head Start Advisory Committee, served as chairman of the committee in 2018-2019
*Helped fund and promote the new playground at South Lakewood Elementary

Celebrating Lakewood -

*Proposed and secured the return of our annual Fourth of July community celebration and Fireworks show at Jeffco Stadium.
*Support of the annual MuralFest event and purchase of a mural that now graces Lakewood's 11th Avenue Head Start center
*Organized the Ward 1 Colfax Round-table, bringing together leaders of Neighborhood groups to air concerns and offer proposals for the redevelopment of West Colfax Ave. from Carr Street to Simms Street, part of a plan to revitalize what once was our city's primary retail and nightlife corridor